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Rogue Pickings Website

HTML & CSS from Photoshop Design Comp

A project site of a food truck to demonstrate how a simple one page webiste can showcase your business and give your customer the information they need to find you.

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Jubilee Austin Project

HTML 5 & CSS Website

This HTML and CSS one page website was based on a Photoshop design comp. This was another project and one of my first sites coded from scratch.

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Recipe Collection

HTML 5 & CSS Exercise

A fun little coding project to display recipe cards online, putting your favorites right at your fingertips!

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About Me

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Hi! I'm Pam Remai (ray-me). Nice to meet you.

I am a front-end developer and commercial photographer that loves Mid Century design. I don't send a text without checking it for errors, and I can't walk into a space without reorganizing it in my mind. I love the outdoors and hiking with my dogs.
And yes ... popcorn IS a food group.

Let's talk about getting your passions online.